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About Us

Welcome to WarehouseSaaSTM

“We’re on a mission to develop a reliable and cost effective warehouse management system offered from the cloud that specifically meets the demand of small and medium size entities engaged in the business of logistics, warehouse, retail, wholesale and more.”

WarehouseSaaS TM is a real-time cloud web portal, providing our clients with real-time access to inventory and the ability to enter purchase and sales orders from any location with an Internet connection!

Integrated with our Warehouse Management Software, our clients will have complete visibility of their warehouses in real time retaining customer assurance and providing them with the ability to better organise their operations.

WarehouseSaaSTM as cloud based Warehouse Management System solves some of the most pressing business issues

  • Reduced the amount of time to setup and configure the Warehouse Management Solution.
  • Eliminate the expensive cost of consulting associated with souring a vendor solution.
  • Allows users to access they Warehouse Management Solution dashboard on any device on demand.
  • Improve business operation by automating most warehouse operations without the need for integration of third party solutions.
  • Facilitate the integration with other leading solutions that provides complementary services, like accounting.
  • Customisation to business need without re-organising the business.

Quick Facts

Vision: “Connect People and Objects to Businesses”
Mission: Create a new generation of affordable software solutions for businesses of all sizes – by mean of Storage, Retrieval and Tracking everything.

If knowledge is power, knowing what’s where and when is our philosophy.

Always on hand and always online, to give you the support you need and deserve.

A strong leadership team is only part of a strong organisation, we have no-one leader, we are a team effort.

Meet the Team

Meet our development team, with significant technology and industry experience, these are the creative drivers of our business that made all this possible.

  • Javed Bashir

    Managing Director

    Responsible for bringing the whole business together, leading the team to bring this venture to fruition.

  • Evelyn Anderson

    Sales & Marketing Associate

    As an advisory associate, Ric provide guidance for the overall sales & marketing initiatives and bringing great products to market.

  • Selva

    Technology Director

    Responsible for the technology development and IT estate to bring the solution to your screen.

  • Development Team

    Product Champions

    The product champions are all those involved in making our products what they are from our most senior to our juniors. Each one deserve recognition for their part.