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The Solutions Core

WarehouseSaaS was built on the premise that any location can be a warehouse solution, all that is required is some forethought for organising it adding some structure to the way it is managed and maintained.

Using the latest in cloud technology, we’ve incorporated a multi-channel access portal that can be run on any Internet browser on any smart device like phones and tablets and an active mobile app for more agility and executing specific activities.

Software as a Service is at the core of the solution, unlike other WMS, eCommerce or ERP solutions where you must implement the whole suite of service, we have gone cloud based and offer a true SaaS offering. SaaS solutions come in varying forms and setup options, where solutions are branded and offered as SaaS simply due to the cat they operate from within a browser, so yes, in principle they SaaS but not true SaaS.

The key difference in the definition of SaaS is around the core concept of metering, that’s where we shine, we meter the solution payment cycle by users.

Sign-up as a user and become the administrator of our company, and depending on your package, you are allocated a set number of internal users, customers and suppliers. As your requirements to add and remove either of them become apparent, you simply add them or remove them.

Not only that, as we have listened and observed the B2B2C distribution customers, we have incorporated a features for you to allow your suppliers and customers to directly access account related data that you deal with.

Covering everything from all the necessary transactional documentation such as cascaded quotes, purchase order, sales orders and invoices to manage all procurement and sales and in between all the necessary features required to manage the movement of goods from suppliers, to your warehouse and onto your customers.

As a pure cloud solution, we are fully aware of concerns where some businesses are concerned about their data being stored in the cloud, we offer an on-site deployment as a private cloud and is required a hybrids solution. Our flexibility is our core strength, if something is missing we’ll add it for you depending on the complexity of your requirements. As we see it, if you need it – so might some else.